Fun Candy Box (Large) 50ct Candies

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This Fun Candy Box filled with loveable candies. It includes: 5) PulparinDots Mango, 5) De la Rosa Mazapan, 5) Pulparindo Mango, 5) Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos, 5) Cremino Bicolor, 5) Bubulubu, 5) Duvalin bi sabor Strawberry/Vanilla, 5) Dulce Vero Mix Banda Lolipop, 5) Pica Goma, and 5) Dulce Vero Rellerindos. That's a total of 50 counts of candies. It also includes a Mi Dulcelandia Sticker, and two small gifts such as a key chain ( Emoji faces), 1 coloring book, and Face Mask. Please note that these large candy box gifts can be different when ordering. Instead of face mask, it can include a custom Mi Dulcelandia T-shirt. 

If you have a preference in candies or key chains, Mi Dulcelandia is willing to help you with your gift box. Just simple order and send an email stating what you would like in your fun candy box. For more information, please feel free to send an email.